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Option 1

Save the Date!

We will be getting married

on ( Date of the Wedding )

Invitation and details to follow

( Bride and Groom’s Names )


Option 2

We are delighted to announce

that on ( Date of Wedding ) in ( Location of Wedding )

( Bride and Groom’s Names )

are getting married!

Please make sure to save this date

We hope that you will be able to share in

our special day of joy and celebration

( Bride’s Parents Names )

Formal invitation to follow


Option 3

A date to remember!

( Date of the Wedding )

Please save the date for the wedding of

( Bride and Groom’s Names )

In ( Location of Wedding )

Invitation to follow


Option 4

Times are busy and calenders are full

( Bride’s Name )


( Groom’s Name )

want you to know they are planning

their wedding for

( Date of Wedding )

Invitations to follow